7 Successful Tips In Avoiding And Treating Wrinkles For Youthful Skin

You can prevent and treat wrinkles by shielding your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, breaking your smoking habit, relieving of your physical or mental pressure, avoiding dehydration, putting on some tretinoin lotion or creams, applying alpha hydroxyl acids, and considering laser treatments.

As a person grows older, their skin becomes drier and less elastic, making it more prone to wrinkles. Nowadays, dealing with wrinkles is not a problem anymore because there are effective ways you can follow and special skincare products you can use. You may have already known about argan oil and anti aging benefits it offers. Here are some ways to prevent and treat wrinkles:

Guard your delicate skin from harsh sunrays

Sun exposure has been identified as one of the primary causes of wrinkles. The sun can cause drying of your skin due to loss of natural oils, and it is then more likely that you will be prone to wrinkles. That is why it is important to avoid direct exposure of the sun. Before you go out of the house, be sure to protect your skin by applying sunscreen lotion with sufficient sun protection factor or SPF. Aside from skin dryness, exposure to sunlight can cause many skin conditions including sunburn and irritation.

Break your smoking habit

Smoking not only takes toll on one’s overall health, but also has aging effects on the skin. The term “smoker face” comes from the effects of smoking on one’s physical features. Smoker’s faces have lines and wrinkles mostly around the lower jaw, corners of the eyes, and lips. The best and most effective solution to avoid these negative consequences is simply to quit smoking.

Avoid stress

Stress has always been said to make skin look aged and unhealthy. It is best to unwind from work and stressful activities regularly. Keep a positive mind, participate in a sport or physical activity, and eat food that is good for you. Also, always make sure you get sufficient rest every night.

Avoid dehydration

Skin can dry out very easily when it is dehydrated. Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day, or even more if you frequently drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol. Drink plenty of water after exercise or any strenuous physical activity to give back the amount of water your body has lost.

Use tretinoin creams or lotions

Vitamin A skincare products like tretinoin creams help stimulate the skin’s collagen production. They help heal wrinkles, age spots, and skin abnormalities caused by exposure to the sun, but have to be prescribed by a doctor. Tretinoin requires a prescription, so see your dermatologist if you think it might help you.

Use alpha hydroxyl acids

Alpha hydroxyl acids, as shown by research, are proven to be very effective in removing wrinkles and age spots. However, since this treatment makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight; it should be used with care.

Alpha hydroxyl acid users should be extra cautious in exposing their skin to sunlight because it can result to irritated and damaged skin. When it comes to this kind of treatment, it is highly recommended seek expert advice.

Try laser treatments

Popular treatments for wrinkles are erbium lasers and carbon dioxide laser treatments. These laser treatments are quite expensive and are considered a minor surgical procedure.

Even though you cannot avoid the process of skin aging, products are available that can keep your skin healthy and free of wrinkles.

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