A Facial Treatment for Everyone

Facial treatments are done to help a variety of skin issues.  They may treat serious problems such as acne, wrinkling, or inflammation.  Many people also use them to detoxify impurities from their skin.  Others are simply meant to moisturize or otherwise pamper the face.  

Natural and organic products are very popular, especially for sensitive skin types.  They often contain skin soothing botanical extracts like chamomile and lavender.  Other luxurious ingredients like evening primrose oil, rose water, or dead sea mud are readily available.  You can often mix up a spa quality facial treatment at home for a fraction of the cost.  

Exfoliation is a good facial treatment for most skin types.  It can treat wrinkles, acne, dry skin, oily skin, and improve the texture and tone of the face.  Manual exfoliation like microdermabrasion polishes the skin and removes dead skin cells.  Chemical exfoliation like hydroxy acids can actually peel off the first layer of skin, exposing the smoother fresher skin below.  

Acne prone skin types can benefit from many different products.  Clay masks are used to clear the pores and draw toxins from the skin.  Serums and creams that contain acne fighting active ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.  Another effective pimple prevention treatment is regular exfoliation, like a facial scrub.

Aging skin is often treated with active ingredients like glycolic acid, Vitamin C, or Retinol.  These are often seen as a cream, lotion, or mask.  There is no single product that can get rid of wrinkles, but combining treatments that exfoliate and renew the skin can reduce them.  Improvement can take weeks to see, but radical results can be seen in months.  

Acne scars are best treated with exfoliation, followed by a renewing cream designed for the face or for scars.  You can also try a skin needle roller to increase collagen production and smooth the skin matrix.

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