It is true, aging is unavoidable but you don’t have to let the whole world know that you are aging by a mere look at you. Just like Jay Z in his song ‘Forever Young’ he talks of wishing he could stay young forever with no wrinkles nor any signs of aging. Some youths have made dubious, self serving reprimands against the old in the society.

Various aesthetic skin care experts have come up with several anti aging creams.The urban dictionary defines anti aging creams as ‘moisturizers’ based ‘cosmoceutical’ skin care products. These products can be obtained over the counter. These products range from wrinkle creams, hand creams to foot balm. Some of these creams can be obtained locally, others are even homemade and considered natural with ingredients like avocado oil, almond oil and honey.

Apart from the face, skin experts have put emphasis on hand creams. This is due to the fact that the hands are prone to exposure from the sun rays 365 days a year. This exposure results to more dark spots and rough skin. To solve this, skin experts have emphasized use of hand and body lotions to be applied at least twice a day.

Generous skin experts have gone ahead and given tips on how to care for your hands. They have revealed that one can use transparent soaps because they are mild, using hand creams at night can be very helpful and one one can also put her Anti-aging Hand cream on her hands under gloves made of rubber. Among the existing hand creams we have Retinol Anti Aging Hand Cream, Robanda Anti Aging Hand Cream and Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Hand Repair Lotion. Important to note is that all these creams are cost friendly.

Beauty, like gold is very valuable and can be kept and maintained. For me I am convinced in the effectiveness of  Dead Sea Minerals Anti-aging Hand Cream. I have not had anything else work as well.




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