Don’t Just Only Cut Your Hair Regularly…take Care of Your Face Too!

Certainly almost no one leaves more than a couple of weeks without treating their hair…be it a cut, a blow-dry, a new colour. When hair goes untreated it looks so bad that it affects the whole person’s ‘look’. When dealing with facial treatments the story strangely enough is somehow different. Many people ignore in taking care of their faces regularly, thinking that just a routine bedtime cleanse will do. People believe that a change in hair style is all that is necessary to change one’s look. 

Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris aesthetic machinery provides aesthetical treatments that are so important to avoid going to do aesthetic surgery or invasive injections with their many side effects and risks. Prevention is better than cure, so Alta Care Laboratoires offers treatments and products that can be applied using non invasive methods such as high frequency, galvanic currents and ultra sounds.

Dermastir Oxy is one of aesthetic machines in the exclusive range by Alta Care Laboratoires.  Dermastir Oxy is a machine used in face lifts using ultra sound. Deep cleansing and dead cell removal which cannot be achieved manually can be done using a Dermastir Oxy electrode that emits ultra sound. Anti-ageing is promoted using Dermastir Oxy and the skin cells are regenerated to produce newer, younger looking skin.

Dermastir Oxy also carries another important action. The ultrasound emitted by the Dermastir Oxy helps the ingredients of the cosmetic products applied on the face to penetrate even deeper than any manual application would. Dermastir cosmetic ampoules, with concentrates that are active, therefore penetrate deep into the skin in a non invasive manner !

Every Dermastir Oxy facial is especially tailored for the needs and wishes of Alta Care Laboratoires’ exclusive clientele.   Alta Care Laboratoires’ experienced beauty therapists do a skin analysis on each and very client, to determine what products they should be using for the best possible results.

The range of Dermastir Cosmetic Ampoules, which are a 100% concentrate preserved in a glass cosmetic ampoule, are used together with the Dermastir Oxy. The Dermastir Cosmetic Ampoules are made up of 29 different concentrates, so surely every type of skin and every type of skin problem can be treated with the right cosmetic ampoule.


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ALTA CARE Laboratoires, an independent multinational company with head offices on Avenue Champs-Elysees, Paris. Founded by pharmacists who work in the EU, With over twenty years of experience in professional consultancy ALTA CARE Laboratoires over the years has produced products for other multinational companies.
Recently, the group of pharmacists and doctors decided not to work exclusively for third parties but also to build its own brand ALTA CARE Laboratoires.

ALTA CARE Laboratoires immediately expanded its know how in the manufacture of nutriceuticals and phyto-therapy to produce an exclusively innovative line of products specializing in food supplements, luxury skincare products and aesthetic machinery.

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