Eczema on Face – Top 3 Mistakes Eczema Sufferers Make

Having Eczema on your face in a liability. Everybody can see the rashy area and you feel so self conscious about it. It isn’t easy to hide and sometimes it just looks downright horrid and raw.

So it is important that you avoid the common mistakes made by other eczema sufferers in regards to healing your skin. You want to heal your eczema as soon as possible at least on your face and then for the rest of your body.

A lot of eczema sufferers look for external cures or ointments that will relief itching and reduce soreness but these do not eliminate the cause of the eczema.

The best way forward is to change the food you eat. Start slowly and take bigger and bigger steps as you go. The main idea here is to eliminate as much cooked, junk and processed foods as you can and replace them with raw foods.

I am not suggesting you go 100% raw straight away. No. The best way is to start at perhaps 50% raw and then slowly increase until you reach a level where your eczema is totally healed and you feel transformed health wise.

There are many mistakes that eczema sufferers tend to make when they first start out on their journey to raw foods.

But here is a list of the common mistakes that you can avoid on your journey to a totally eczema free body.

Top 3 Mistake Eczema Sufferers Make – #1

You need to ensure that your eat enough greens. Greens are full of the nutrients you require for skin healing. To avoid this error ensure that one main meal contains a good quantity of greens.

Top 3 Mistake Eczema Sufferers Make – #2

It is important that you eat enough fibre whether it is insoluble or not. The best way to ensure this is to make sure every other fruit or vegetable drink you consume is a smoothie as opposed to a raw juice.

Top 3 Mistake Eczema Sufferers Make – #3

A lot of eczema sufferers try to transform their diet overnight. This will not work. You need to take baby steps, one at a time to ensure your body adjusts to the new healthy way of eating.

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