Geisha Spa – Asian Beauty Secrets Revealed eBook Review

A Geisha is a traditional Japanese woman who preforms arts like classical music and dance. They are known world wide for their stunning beauty and perfect skin and hair. They work and practice every day of their lives – even once they’re in their 70’s and 80’s. No matter how old they are, they maintain beautiful skin and complexions. Many would believe it is solely due to genetics, but new studies and information is coming out that would say otherwise. Geisha Spa is one of those sources.

Obviously, a Geisha would be born and raised in Japan or another nearby Asian country. It’s a different culture and environment compared to Western nations. Geisha women have completely different regimens and routines than other women which give them their sought after beauty. Most Geisha and Asian women stray away from chemical products and use natural items from their environment. The plants, minerals and vitamins that were once only found in Asia are now available all over the world.

But did you know….

Asian women not only look the part, but they are healthier on the inside, too. Japanese woman have an average life expectancy of 86 years old! That is higher than every Western country. More often than not, natural cures and remedies solve problems better than chemical concoctions do. The healing and restoration power of nature is proven by women like the Geisha.

The cosmetic industry exists first and foremost for profit. It’s much more profitable to sell over-priced creams and lotions made in a factory than it is to sell natural, holistic items that have the same or even greater effects.

How do I get my own skin, hair, and nails to shine like a Geisha?

There are plenty of foods and drinks you can add to your diet (they’re tasty, too!) that can provide the effects you’re looking for. Many people suffer from oily skin, which can lead to blemishes or breakouts of acne. A tried and true method from Asian culture is to use a tomato mask. Natural alternatives like the tomato mask are cheap, easy to use, and chemical free. For more ideas and ways to get your skin that Geisha look, visit the Geisha Spa website.

One more great tip for women all around the world is to drink water. The difference between how your body feels when you’re hydrated and when you’re dehydrated is staggering. Don’t starve it of it’s most precious need!


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