How does a pill help with protection against the sun's rays?

Every wondered as your applying your sunscreen diligently if you missed a spot? Maybe the top of your feet or the back of your legs. How about your ears or all around your shoulders?Research by the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that the majority of people apply less than half the optimal amount of sun protection when putting on sun block!

Not only does this lead to many an uncomfortable ride home from the beach but potentially could lead to dangerous melanomas in future life.

If this sounds like you then Heliocare could be of interest to you!  Heliocare Dietary supplements, also known as Sun Vitamins is full of naturally occurring, powerful antioxidants with one capsule containing 240mg of an extract of Polypodium Leucatomos which is a tropical fern rich in compounds like ferulic acid and caffeic acid.

Heliocare Dietary supplements does not work to replace the need for sunscreen.  No other supplement could.  However, sun damage is essentially an oxidative process and the damage is caused when over exposure to the sun causes your body to release harmful free radicals.  Antioxidants like the ones in Heliocare Dietary supplements allow the body to mop up these free radicals before they cause excessive damage.

Plants have evolved over millions of years by developing mechanisms to protect themselves from damage by the sun.  Heliocare allows you to reap the benefits of this evolution, but not by itself.  Consider covering up, and applying sun screen as well as using an oral antioxidant.

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