Medicating Scars Naturally – How to Treat Scars Using Vitamin E

Vitamin E has always been known to be a good vitamin for the skin. It is also popular as an antioxidant that prevents oxidation that damages our cells thus making our skin look pale and lifeless. Some TV promotion even says that it promotes glow from within. Just by the sound of that makes you want to take it to start being beautiful inside and out! The same idea goes with the effect of Vitamin E in medicating scars naturally.

Vitamin E fights free radicals that inhibit skin’s healing process.  It is said to be able to go through skin layers and affects collagen production that helps strengthen our skin and become more elastic. This is the main reason why Vitamin E is a brilliant topical emollient that helps in medicating scars naturally.

You can reduce scars using Vitamin E by applying the oil directly to the scar. First, you have to make sure that the affected area is clean to avoid any infection. Use a sterile needle in poking the oil out of the Vitamin E capsule and pat the oil on a clean piece of cotton. After that, use the cotton to massage the scar gently and then let it dry for about ten minutes. Make sure you allow ten minutes to fully let the vitamin E penetrate your skin.
Although it is good to apply Vitamin E directly to the wound as a way of medicating scars naturally, it would be better if you will take the vitamin orally as well to help you heal from the inside. Always remember that beauty always starts from within.

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