Rash Caused by Sunburn

Sunburn and minor burns often lead to blistering and dryness – which can lead to rash.  How often have we experienced the blistering and “bubble-ing” several days after a sunburn followed by tightening of the affected area?  Edges of blisters become tough, hardened and flaking…and inflammation and scaling can develop.

Rash caused by sunburn can develop from inflammation of damaged dermal layers, infection and dryness. It is important for sunburn relief and protection to alleviate drying so natural healing can take place without infection, rash or cracking.

Overexposure to UVA and UVB rays can burn and damage the epidermis and dermis layers.  Blistering occurs, and without moisture and hydration, blisters dry and cause flaking, scales and tightening as the skin begins to heal.  Cracking can occur if left untreated and the skin is susceptible to infection, additional redness and irritation.

Increased capillary blood flow increases to naturally heal damaged layers.  Fluids rush to bring antibodies and hydration.  And, without proper care, damage can spread and increase sensitivity – and pain.

As the skin heals, dryness sets in and burned areas become tough and flaky.  New cell growth can become dry as well…leading to flakiness, roughness and cracking as wounds heal and tighten.

For severe sunburn place a cool, wet compress on the area and allow to sit for a while.  It is important to keep the burn hydrated, yet avoid applying pressure and ensure you use light cotton material, such as sterilized pad to avoid introducing bacteria or infection.  For a “regular” sunburn and minor burns, using products for sunburn relief that include active ingredients such as menthol, Aloe Vera or lidocaine help ease pain and soothe the burn.

First aid for burns should also include apply ointments or creams with Emu Oil.  We have found Emu Oil to be one of the most effective natural ingredients to not only avoid drying, but to reduce or eliminate inflammation.  A rash caused by sunburn can come from irritation due to loss of moisture, infection or the tightening we experience as the skin heals.  Rash can also occur from using chemicals that react poorly to exposed layers of new skin and spread irritation.

Avoiding dryness and preventing bacterial infection are the two “top” objectives.  Emu Oil is a “carrier” oil in that it penetrates the skin layers and carries with it active ingredients.  It has been used for thousands of years in Australia and New Zealand, and it has become a popular ingredient in skin and hair care products for its ability to soothe the scalp and relieve skin of redness, irritation and bacteria.

Emu oil, especially when combined with other ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Menthol, allow it to effectively treat and prevent rash caused by sunburn, skin rashes in general, and roughness and dryness. It is an effective skin care ingredient for treating minor burns, scars and as a treatment and remedy to promote natural healing of rough and dry skin.

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