Skin problems – 3 Facts About Aging Skin Problems

Would you like to put some lemon wedges all over your body wherever there are aging spots on skin?. You have to leave the lemon wedge on for fifteen minutes and then rinse off. You are supposed to apply moisturizer afterwards. You have to do this for each age spot! This is one of the home remedies for aging skin problems and I burst out laughing when I read it.

The idea of putting lemon wedges on the hundreds of age spots I have and waiting fifteen minutes was ridiculous. Another thing I do not believe is that eating fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water can actually put an end to aging spots on skin. Certainly a diet like that can help in general aging skin problems but will not be a definitive solution for the age spots, liver spots or the mottled brown areas known as melasma.

Skin problems due to age will show themselves in many ways. Dryer skin, thinner skin and of course wrinkles are all part of this particular portfolio. The first fact is that we have a built in protection system against the sun’s harmful rays which is called the melanin pigment and that browns the skin and gives us a tan. As we age though, this protection gets more uneven and age spots develop. It is just an irregular pattern of pigmentation.

UVB sun rays were not really regarded with much suspicion up till now but scientists and dermatologists now tell us that they too together with the UVA rays can cause skin damage. That is probably why our car windows will give us 100% protection from the UVA rays but not from UVB.

The second fact is that you can buy a UVB protection film for all your car windows. This is good advice even if you do not spend all day driving. All these things help, as well as an adequate sunscreen, winter and summer.

The third fact about aging skin problems is that the collagen which keeps our skin firm and supple can actually be rebuilt, providing we can stimulate our own skin cells to do that. I know of at least one company which has developed a special ingredient to do this. That is the secret because collagen, owing to its large sized molecules cannot be applied topically.

So there you have three facts about aging skin problems. Do yourself a favour and find out more from my website below before you do anything else to-day!

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