Skin problems – Solving Oily Skin Problems – Get the Help You Need!

Though many of us lump oily skin problems with acne and associate them with “teen problems”, oily skin is as much genetic as hormonal; so, symptoms can carry-over and plaque us during adulthood.

It is estimated over 3 million adults in the U.S. alone suffer with excess oiliness on their face. While “suffer” may be a bit of a stretch from a medical perspective, that shiny, slippery glow is not always a welcome sight. Here are some consideration along with some timely solutions for a clear complexion.

How does oily skin occur anyway?

As with many skin “problems” or diseases, there is often a trigger. The triggers for oiliness often revolve around those conditions or the environment that can excite and “startle” the sebaceous glands into overdrive.

The sebaceous glands produce the oils found on our face and hair. While they serve the function of protection to our hair and skin, an over abundance can lead to serious problems such as scalp dermatitis, whiteheads, acne, and enlarged pores – even psoriasis.

Over-activity of sebaceous glands can be triggered by certain foods, common allergies, high humidity and heat and reactions to skin or hair product chemicals.

How to solve the problem

Studies on control of oily skin have shown treatments using Zinc PCA to be shown effective for controlling and regulating the production of sebum (the technical jargon for the oils in our pores). While there is little we can do for many triggers – especially heredity, the control of the output continues to be the best and most pragmatic solution.

“Reduction of production” continues to be one of the best alternatives since it is difficult to avoid, eliminate to provide for a solution to all triggers.

Common product solutions are face cleansers, concentrated toners, and masks that are designed to treat and “soak-up” oils while offering adequate control and healing of sensitive facial tissue. Each provide adequate help for oily skin and face.

Oiliness and that unwanted shiny glow is not just the problem of young adults. Environmental factors as well as genetics play a major role – as a results adults are as commonly affected as youngsters.

Therefore Zinc-based cleansers and toners have become the new “best friends for life” for those who want our face to look “normal!

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